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Rayburn House
Rayburn House
Rayburn House
Rayburn House

Rayburn House

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"Sometimes you know something is coming..."

A deep, dark more blue than green turquoise, filled with holographic pigment, aqua metallic micro flakes, and mutlichrome flakes that shift red/green/gold and cyan/blue/indigo.

Inspiration: Bloodline
Base: dark turquoise holographic jelly/crelly
Additives: micro flakes, UCC Flakes
Opaque: 2-3 coats


Every bottle is 15ml and comes 1-2 stainless steel balls for easy mixing and a flat brush for easy application.

If you choose to get a scent please note this will now be a 9-free. In addition, wait until polish is dry before you go sniffing it. The fragrance will come through once all is dry.

Ingredients:  Nitrocelluose, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Triphenyl Phosphate, and can include micas, lakes, glitter, oxides, aluminum powder, and titanium dioxides.

These are hand mixed in small batches, while we use a recipe small variations can occur from batch to batch. For glossy finish I always use a top coat. I'm always available for any questions or concerns.