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Snap Bars
Snap Bars
Snap Bars
Snap Bars

Snap Bars

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Wax melts, approx 2oz

Scent List

7-up Yours - 7up, vanilla pound cake, zucchini bread
Boardwalk Carnival - salt water taffy, kettle corn, cotton candy, salty sea air
Cherry the Hatchet - cherry slushie, salted lime margaritas
Eat Pie, Kill Demons - banana, plantain leaves, pie crust, butter rum
Here’s Comes the Sun - blood orange, lemon poppy seed muffins, vanilla pound cake
 High Maintenance - mango, papaya, coconut, orange krush
Hot Mess Express - blonde moment, cotton candy, pink sugar
Peeta - fresh baked bread, caraway, butter
Petty Betty - pretzels, raspberry cream, waffle cone
Sweet Talk - blue raspberry slushie, cotton candy
Time For My Shows - bite me, clean cotton
Two to Mango - mango, lemon, raspberries, vanilla, sugar cane, whip