Polish Vocab

Crelly: A type of finish that is similar to a creme (in opacity) but is squishy and sometimes a bit sheer on the first coat. It is possible to build these to an opaque coverage.
Crelly-Shimmer: A polish with a crelly finish with a fine ribbon of shimmer running throughout.
Creme: A creamy, opaque polish with a glossy finish. Usually opaque in 1-2 coats.
Duochrome: A polish that shifts between two colors depending on the angle and lighting.
Foil: A type of finish that has high shine and a metallic base with very fine particles which creates a sparkly but smooth, finish.
Franken: When multiple pre-made polishes are used to create one personalized color.  May also include solvent resistant glitter, spectraflair, etc. Stems from the word "Frankenstein."
Frankening: The act of creating a "Franken."
Holo: Short for holographic. Very fine microshimmer like that gives off a rainbow effect. Holo can be linear or scattered.
Jelly: A type of finish that has a squishy appearance and sheer application.
Linear Holo: When a polish has smaller particles creating a strong holographic effect. This creates what is known as a "flame," or a rainbow arc across the nail in some lights.
Multichrome: A polish that shifts between multiple colors depending on the angle and lighting. 
Opaque: Unable to see the nail bed 
Scattered Holo:   A polish that has larger and less dense holographic particles. Often appearing to look more like a shimmer polish
Sheer: A type of polish that is intended to be translucent when applied. Some sheer polishes can be built up to opacity after 3 or more coats but they are meant to be worn transparent so that the nail line is visible.
Shimmer: A type of polish with highlight color running through the base color
Undies: A polish you would wear underneath another polish. A white undie can be used to help neon's pop and a black undie can be used to lessen the layers needed on multichromes