Thanksgiving Week Sale

Our holiday sale will be coinciding with our winter collection: Rise of the Guardians! And new Righteous Gemstones polishes! Double yay!!

Here is all of the information about our week long holiday sale! First things first:

30% off entire site (after $10, no code needed) with six new holiday polishes and new Righteous Gemstones mystery polishes being released

FREE SHIPPING after $25 (code: Black Friday)
FREE GIFTS after $25 spent.
Free gift tiers include:
$25 lip balm or cuticle balm
$45 everything from previous tier plus mystery polish
$80 everything from previous tier plus entire fragrance collection in 2ml rollers
$100 everything from previous tier plus entire nail care kit that includes an extra polish

There will be a few returning polishes that we overpoured. It will be a limited quantity of past Halloween and debut collection. First come, first serve. 🙂

*There will be a raffle ticket included in every order shipped. Save your ticket! Come the New Year we will hold a drawing to giveaway tons of goodies to make room for new inventory. *

Our TAT will be extended for our holiday sale. 10-14 days! There will be no packages going out 11/22-11/25 as I do my best to prepare for the upcoming sale. EVERYTHING will be shipped no later than 12/15. Plenty of time for Christmas!