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Hair Oil

Hair Oil

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 A few sprtiz of this oil applied to the ends of your hair, reduces tangles, moisturizes and soothes dry and sensitive scalps. Lightweight and made with hair loving argan oil and botanical extracts.

Comes in a 4 oz glass spray bottle.

Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Sunflower Oil, Calendula Extract, Sunflower Extract, Aloe Extract, Irish Moss Extract, Marshmallow Extract, Fragrance.

Newest Scents:

  • It Doesn't Snow in Louisiana- A bright, fresh blend of lemon and cilantro with hints of fresh cut grass and green tea.
  • Get Me A Drink! - Fresh cranberries and key lime with grapefruit tonic, champagne bubbles, strawberries, pomegranate and fizzy lemon soda
  • For My Frans! - Mandarin and goji and guava berry nectar over a bed of hibiscus 
  • Miss Your Face - Fresh squeezed lemon and strawberries meet raspberry blossoms and iced rose petals
  • Fuck 2020 - Coral berry, cantaloupe, and lychee sprinkled with sugar cane and vanilla orchid

  • 1000 Lives - tonka bean, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla
  • Across The Universe - grapefruit, rhubarb, mint, lavender, rose, apple and vanilla
  • Alien Cookie - cotton candy, pink grapefruit, blue raspberry bubblegum, shortbread
  • Avasarala - elegant and delicious with mixture of berries, and vanilla champagne
  • Boardwalk - Salty sea breeze, candy apples, kettle corn and saltwater taffy
  • Boozy Marshmallow - Melted butter, marshmallow fluff, Kentucky bourbon, crushed vanilla, soft musk
  • Covington - Madagascar vanilla, cedarwood, bourbon, musk, lemon, ***
  • The Cuss Am I?! - apples, cinnamon, orange, bourbon, rum, butter, coconut, maple
  • Delos -  blackberry and cassis, bergamot and amber
  • Don't I Know You - grape, peach, plum, sparkling citrus, rose, musk
  • Eat Pie, Kill Demons- not your every day pie fragrance. Ripe banana and quince apple move to a delicious combination of pearberry and plantain leaves, with a pie crust, rummy base
  • Fall Affair - Fresh apple, caramel candy, toffee pudding, churned butter, vanilla bean, brown sugar, musk
  • I Carried A Watermelon - juicy watermelon splashed with lemon lime spring water and sprinkled with cane sugar
  • I’d Eat Peaches Everyday - mandarin, raspberry, coconut, peaches, plum, violet, fluffy marshmallow and smokey vanilla
  • Moonflower - Pink grapefruit, mandarin, sweet apple, magnolia and orchids, woods, cashmere musk
  • Orange Krush - orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla
  • Risky Citrus - A dangerous dose of grapefruit and orchids
  • Salted coast - smooth and elegant blend of orchid and salty highlights
  • Sea Salt & avocado - Sea salt, grapefruit, white roses and avocado
  • Sweetwater -  spun sugar, cherry and white peach, berry gummies, white floral, sweet vanilla and tonka bean
  • Two to Mango - Ripe mango, juicy lemons, and fresh raspberries, with wisp of pear, Madagascar vanilla, blonde sugar cane, and creamy whip
  • You're Mine - blueberries, lemon, cane sugar, butter, baked cookie, warm vanilla